About us

  • Chris Minas

    Managing Director

    Chris is acknowledged as Mobile royalty here at nimbletank, and far beyond. A true early adopter, he owned a new-fangled mobile telephonic device way back when they had batteries big enough to jump start a car.

  • David Skerrett

    Managing Partner

    David made his first mobile, a flipping fiddly affair, at school out of wood. His first real mobile was also flippy, the plastic
    fantastic Ericsson GF768.

  • Peter Veash


    Peter's first 'mobile' was a very realistic looking pencil case from Woolworths. His first real mobile was the iconic
    Motorola RAZR. Sharp.

  • Robin Souter

    Creative Director

    Robin got hold of his first mobile device after NASA and MI5, but before the pin-striped masses started shouting loudly into them in wine bars. As he recalls it was 'like holding about five iPads stuck together'.