ESPN is one of the largest and most successful omni-channel sports networks in the world. They wanted to expand beyond the usual channels to create the ultimate sports fan experience and asked us how they could build a closer relationship with their audience.

nimbletank Challenge

Sports fanatics are very active, very content hungry and have billions of interactions across multiple channels constantly. Although ESPN is a natural sports hub from a broadcast point of view, they wanted to go one step further and offer fans the power of insider knowledge they wouldn't find anywhere else.

nimbletank Solution

We wanted to create something that was almost a "sixth sense" for sports fanatics – something to allow them to get more out of every game.

We concepted the 'ESP' app to serve as that unique bridge between the ordinary and the exclusive. The app would go beyond providing programme information about sports events to offer tailored content, breaking news, partner deals, sports betting, real time social sharing and exclusive content.

nimbletank Results

The work effectively demonstrated new and engaging ways for ESPN to build personal relationships with its customers, as well providing innovative opportunities to monetise their content.