Hachette is the leading book publisher in the UK. With 7 publisher sites and multiple authors, they needed to create a platform to promote its books in a new and innovative way.

nimbletank Challenge

The way people buy books is changing. Back in the day readers could spend hours discovering new authors and stumbling across old ones.

But Amazon and e-readers have all but killed the bookshop without replacing what they used to provide, leaving an inspiration vacuum.

nimbletank Solution

We wanted to recreate the feeling of discovery you used to get in a bookshop – encouraging dwell time and inspiring both the casual reader and the connoisseur – and all available on your desktop, tablet or smart phone.

By using dynamic Artificial Intelligence software, we created a cross platform, multi-touch environment using responsive design where users could follow a journey of discovery based on their behaviours and wider social trends.

nimbletank Results

The portal won a Digital Impact Award and delivered a truly cross-platform experience for book lovers, increasing dwell time and engagement with the group’s authors and publishers.

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