Travelex SALT Mobile

SALT is a Travelex payment system that is used across enabling online money purchasing of products.

Since launch, Travelex found visits to the site were made by customers using a mobile handset and this numbers were dramatically increasing; but 46% of users did not proceed past the homepage.

nimbletank Challenge

Capitalise on the high number of users wanting to access the site on a mobile device, allowing customers a simple way to make payments on the move.

nimbletank Solution

nimbletank was tasked with designing and building a mobile site for enabling easy payment and money purchasing in a mobile environment. The mobile site was fully optimized for mobile handsets on a global basis incorporating best usability practises, slick design and a flexible HTML5 architecture the solution is easy to use and can be pushed into other countries in different languages with ease.

nimbletank Results

The site launched in US, then UK, Japan, France enables Travelex to enter the mobile money purchasing market with ease and with a flexible solution.