Vauxall Ampera launch campaign

Vauxall Ampera won electronic car of the year 2012. To promote the car and highlight the fact it is a new generation of electric car a series of eye catching and engaging digital advertising campaigns were planned for Spring 2012.

nimbletank Challenge

To emphasize the electric nature of the car nimbletank were briefed to create an interactive iPad advertisement that could bring this electric element to life in the most engaging manner. nimbletank had 4 days to do this.

nimbletank Solution

Using pioneering mobile web technology and techniques, similar to the cutting edge HTML5 used in the site, we developed an interactive iPad advert as a lightning bolt striking between touch points with sounds effects to match.

nimbletank Results

The result was a truly phenomenal and an eye catching 1st for iPad advertising, generating a huge level of interest compared to traditional iPad adverts.